Green Goodness

This morning I noted “Week 6” on our checklist of daily activities. How could we be embarking on the sixth week of this new, isolated life? Just yesterday we were planning parties with friends and road trips to visit family. In many ways, however, it feels like we have been sheltering in place forever. Time is relative…the hours of the day evaporate before we even begin to savor them, but April of 2020 has been the longest month ever.

We’ve managed to create markers in our week: art classes on Wednesday and Thursday and social events via Zoom or other video apps on the weekends. Our days are full. We find many things to amuse or occupy us: art, writing, reading more than we have in years, building Lego sets virtually with my cousin’s grandson, video chats with friends near and far, house cleaning, and cooking.

There is more food in our pantry and refrigerator than we can ever remember. We had a rather European attitude towards food storage in the past. Every day or two one of us would make a run to the grocery store so we could cook dinner or lunch. And, of course, we ate out whenever the mood struck which was often.

But now, between meal delivery service and kind neighbors, our larder overflows with an eclectic assortment of fruit and vegetables. I get a little frantic about using all the fresh food before it wilts or rots so veggie soup is on the menu every week. I make a huge pot to share with our neighbors to thank them for providing the ingredients. But, what to do with all of those apples, kiwis, bananas?

The other day our neighbor dropped off a delicious smoothie made with carrots, ginger, and apple. We both enjoyed the flavor and freshness of the concoction. Much to my husband’s dismay as he really dreads crowding our small kitchen with more cooking toys, I rushed to order our own smoothie/juicey machine.

Today marked the inauguration of the newest addition to our family of appliances…and it was a culinary success. The sleek machine spun green apple, kiwi, celery, and parsley into a healthy smoothie that tasted like the fragrance of an orchard in the spring. The taste and texture pleased both our palates. No worries now about wasting food. The machine stays!

Into the 24 ounce container went 1 cut up green apple, 1 peeled and sliced kiwi, 2 sliced up skinny celery stalks, a small handful of parsley and about a quarter cup of water. Filled two juice glasses.

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