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Moving on…or maybe not

Monday marked fifteen years since the death of my mother. In that strange bifurcated way that one perceives personal events, it seems like she has been gone forever, but also like she departed only yesterday. For years after she died, … Continue reading

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In the Bubble…

So we spent the last hour relaxing on our verandah here on the MS Maasdam. While we finished off a bottle of bubbly, courtesy of our travel agent, we had time to observe the late afternoon activity at the Port … Continue reading

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Shopping at the Woolworth’s

Staying in a rented flat or apartment hotel  when traveling outside the US allows us to cook some meals instead of eating out three times a day. And cooking, of course, means grocery shopping, always an amusing and interesting activity … Continue reading

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Just a Typical First Day Abroad

As we have matured, my husband and I have found that we don’t have the stamina to rush around seeing three or four sights in a day when we are on vacation. We never really were that efficient, but we … Continue reading

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Pretty Money

Bill picked up our currency for Australia and New Zealand today. We like to arrive in a foreign country with enough cash to cover transportation to our hotel and the first couple of meals. Both of these currencies are pretty … Continue reading

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28 Days at Sea? Really?

Originally, we planned a fourteen day cruise on Holland America’s Maasdam in the middle of what was to be a four-week Australia/New Zealand vacation. After listening to my struggle with arranging a post-cruise train tour of New Zealand, my husband asked, “Why … Continue reading

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Traveling through Two Worlds

We planned this year’s vacation some months ago. At the time we were vaguely aware that there was an increase in the numbers of refugees migrating to Europe. We didn’t see this migration as influencing our list of countries to visit. Now on … Continue reading

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Travel Planning Part 1—The Itinerary

When friends learn about the ambitious itineraries for our vacations, they often raise their eyebrows and ask, “Are you going on a tour? Do you use a travel agent? How do you plan such a complicated trip?” My answer is … Continue reading

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Dinner in French

St. Emilion was a pleasant place to visit for a couple of days. Wandering the cobbled streets, sketching the view from the high parts of town, tasting wine at one of the more reasonably priced wineries made for a relaxing … Continue reading

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Dreaming of the Perfect French Meal

I am planning a dinner party and part of the process involves scanning cookbooks, magazine and on-line resources for recipes. But, none of the written lists of ingredients and detailed instructions capture for me the essence of my favorite meals. … Continue reading

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