Finding the Calm, Ignoring the Chaos

So hubby and I are exercising restraint and practicing a slightly modified home stay as recommended by local health authorities. We plan to limit outside excursions to one or two things we cannot cancel this month. Once the weather clears, we’ll head back to Newhall Park to enjoy the brilliant spring greens and the view of our beloved Mt. Diablo. We figure no one is going to tell us we can’t spend time in nature.

Many of our usual activities have been postponed or canceled. Our meetings and classes with artists and other friends will be on hiatus for an unknown period of time. Realizing so much more free time could lead to both anxiety and depression, we have been thinking about ways to create a positive experience that maybe opens up new adventures for us.

We’re starting by establishing new habits which we think will protect our health and reduce stress. Here is our daily list in no particular order:

  • Sanitize hard surfaces like handles, door knobs, faucet levers, light switches
  • Wipe iPhones and iPads with alcohol wipes
  • Change kitchen and bathroom hand towels
  • Meditate
  • Listen to our favorite music-break out those old CD’s
  • Create-a small art piece or a poem or a journal entry
  • Check in with friends and family
  • Prepare healthy meals-maybe two per day instead of three!
  • Limit time reading the news to ten minutes
  • Find a new comedy series and make that the last thing we watch before bed
  • Avoid sharing a lot of negative news on Facebook
  • At least five days per week, get out of the yoga clothes or pajamas and dress up
  • Establish a definite bed time and stick to it
  • For me: wear something cute every day! Like these darling French shoes! Brand new and never worn outside…they may be my new house shoes!

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